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Rainbow Stripe - White

250x300 cm
1 204 

Culorile covorului vor fi percepute diferit, în funcţie de unghiul din care sunt privite.

Viktor Hertz

Viktor Hertz

Designer Suedia Suedia

Viktor Hertz was born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden. He is a freelance design artist and soon he will be a student at Beckmans College of Design, in Stockholm. He intends to study advertising and graphic design for one year, and hopefully continue with graphic design from there in some way.

Covoare create de Viktor Hertz

Rainbow Stripe

The well-known barcode, now in sparkling colors! The designer also made a regular black & white one, for the not so provocative ones. We do not recommend you to wash the carpet yourself. Carpet cleaning should always be carried out by a professional.

Care & Fair

RugVista este un membru mândru al CARE & FAIR, o inițiativă a industriei în industria covoarelor.

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These beautiful handwoven carpets, produced in India are entirely made of cotton. With their simple patterns they are reminiscent of the more traditional and commonly known rag carpets. They are durable and well suited for people who are allergic to animal hair such as wool which is widely used in many other carpet types. An advantage with this type of carpet is that it can simply be turned over if it is stained or dirtied. Please note that due to the production method, carpet lengths may vary slightly.

Curăţarea covoarelor trebuie să fie întotdeauna efectuată de un profesionist.

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Bumbacul este o fibră textilă naturală și o alternativă ideală pentru persoanele care suferă de alergii. Este un material pe cât de moale, pe atât de rezistent, potrivit pentru orice tip de încăperi, inclusiv pentru băi şi bucătării.

Schöner Teppich, gute Qualität

B. D. - a cumpărat 250x300, Jan -18

Love it! Fabulous site with so many choices.

Veronica S. - a cumpărat 250x300, Nov -17

Very good produce for the price

Lorna S. - a cumpărat 200x250, Feb -19

Nice vibrant rug. Exactly as described.

Kathleen - a cumpărat 100x160, Jun -18

A fabulous rug - exactly what I was looking for. Looks great in my study.

Elizabeth - a cumpărat 150x150, Apr -18

Fast Delivery, Great rug. Can recommend this company.

Wilksy - a cumpărat 120x180, Apr -18

excellent quality and look

Petra k. 2. - a cumpărat 160x230, Mar -18

This is a beautiful rug that is even nicer than the pictures suggest. Faultless online transaction and I will be buying more.

Happybookreader - a cumpărat 140x200, Mar -18

Lovely rug just what I was looking for in our kitchen .

Lisa howlett - a cumpărat 100x160, Mar -18

Everything according to the plan.

Marta P. - a cumpărat 140x200, Dec -17

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